Experience Luxury Stay In Beijing

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Beijing is an age old city, the hotels and resorts that are found here combine a sense of history and tradition along with modern conveniences. If you are traveling to this city why not experience the best of both worlds – the culture and tradition that the city is enriched with as well as modern comforts that combine unique interiors and amenities.

An established hotel chains

There are many hoteliers who have an established presence in the city. If you wish to stay in luxury you could try new properties that are set up native hoteliers here such as the Hong Kong group. One such property is the Peninsula Beijing. Even though it is a relatively new property of this group, you will find unique displays of Chinese artisanship that makes the guest rooms and suites masterpieces by themselves. While hotel investment services Hong Kong in this city are diverse, for the guests and travelers there are several options in terms of opulent splendor and hospitality to enjoy. Built on a heritage property, there are new and old rooms here that combine to form 230 rooms in total. It is one of the largest and finest luxury hotels you could choose to stay at in Beijing.

The luxury you can expect

As found in many traditional luxury hotels in the city, the Peninsula hotel has suites that combine several modern in-room amenities. These include bedside tablets for use by the guests, room service menus that one can order from and tips that one can use for knowing the popular historic, shopping, dining and nightlife destinations. Many guests’ rooms have vibrant arts on the walls that have been made by Chinese artists. These combine with luxury furniture of fine wood and venerable interior designer works. Such hotels are not only a pleasure to stay at but can be great for nice luxury retail space as well.

The suites are the best ways to experience opulence and the best that regional hospitality can provide. Hence, besides the cultural and traditional based interior décor, you will enjoy marble and mahogany based furnishings and fittings in the bedroom and bathroom; from modern amenities like high speed internet connection to VoIP facilities, these suites are tailored to accommodate families as well as business guests with equal ease.

For those who are planning a visit to Beijing, whether for tourism or for business purposes, they will surely want to experience fine living the Chinese way. And the best way to do so is to find a hotel property that is rich in tradition as well as offers modern luxury and comfort in a unique way.