Guide To Backpacking In Australia

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Australia is a great destination when it comes to backpacking. There are so many amazing sights and it will be a very interesting trip for you and your friends. There are major cities in Australia that you will love to cover and it is best to research a little about the sights and places that you want to visit before you go.

It is not just urban cityscape that will capture your eye; Australia is home to a variety of natural landscapes from mountain ranges to national parks and popular beaches. So it is best that you figure out the route that you’re going to take so that you can hit all the sights and take away some wonderful memories. Sidney is one famous city in Australia and some of the places that you must see when you’re there are the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. You can walk around the harbour and stroll in the beaches and have a lovely relaxing time. If you want to check out cafes and music scenes, you can go to Melbourne. It has a very vibrant environment and you can never predict what you can get for the weather. Visit 

Then there is the great ocean road melbourne to Adelaide that will allow you to see a lot of important landmarks. You will be able to witness a lot of wonderful coastal views on that stretch of road.If you want to walk around parks and see some museums, you can go to Canberra which is the national capital of Australia. It’s not a very windy city as it is located more inland.  The largest city on Western Australia is Perth and it has a very relaxed vibe about it. You can enjoy the sun and the sea there. Another place where you get beautiful beaches is in Brisbane. You can forget your busy lifestyle for some time and enjoy some very relaxing days in this sunny city. Adelaide is famous for wine tours and you will find some gorgeous beaches and rolling hills here that you can backpack on. There are popular tours to kangaroo island which is located southwest of Adelaide. It is home to a variety of native wildlife such as exotic birds, koalas and sea lions. Then there is Darwin, which is quite a small city and you can enjoy some tropical climate there. It is best if you can pick up a travel card so that you can access discounted travel in the public transport of the cities. You can get a tourist visa if you’re there to travel for a few months. If your stay is more than a few months, then you can get an Australian bank account. Think about where you’re going to stay and how much the food and traveling is going to cost. You will need to plan your itinerary according to your budget so that you don’t go over it.